About Whaledive.net + Quest Tours

Whaledive is our dedicated Whale Swimming branch of Quest Tours - NSW Licenced Travel Agent. We also own and operate a Dive Centre in Forster, on the Mid North Coast

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Our History

Whaledive.Net is the Whale diving operations arm of Dive Forster at Fisherman's Wharf and Quest Tours 

Since the early 1970's Dive Forster at Fisherman's Wharf has offered a wide range of marine services, growing to specialise in SCUBA dive trips & training, and swimming with Whales & Dolphins. Established and operated by the same owner all this time, we are proud to be one of the most respected and awarded Dive Centres on the east coast of Australia.

Conducting seasonal Whale watching and year-round Dolphin swim tours offshore from Forster, NSW for many years, our knowledge of and respect for the cetaceans as well as many other marine animal friends is vast and developing all the time.

We are one of the few operators in Australia able to put people in the water with Dolphins and with an 85% - 90% success rate in having people enjoy this, "one of life's great experiences".

One of the few underwater experiences we have found to compare to this is snorkelling with the Humpback Whales in Tonga, finding us yearning to return each year.. We take tours to both SCUBA dive the coral reefs and free dive with the migrating Humpback Whales, primarily to the Vava'u region during July - October. We have been escorting these tours since 2002 and have been joined in Tonga by over 1,000 happy travellers in those 16 years. Many of our clients have travelled with us multiple (up to 7 times) to the Humpback Whales of Vava'u.

WARNING: These experiences are VERY ADDICTIVE!

Travel Agent

We are one of ONLY TWO licenced Travel Agents escorting tours to Swim with Humpback Whales in Tonga. Travel to remote places can sometimes come with "glitches" in travel arrangements; flight delays, weather interruptions and other events, can all create issues. Support of your licenced travel agent in Australia AND your tour leader on the ground in Tonga to help in sorting out any difficulties in these situations is PRICELESS.


Tonga + Whaledive.net

We travel to Tonga during the southern hemisphere winter/ springtime - a great time to go as most of the calves have been born several weeks earlier and are becoming playful and inquisitive in their own right. The mother Humpbacks, too, seem more relaxed and willing to "show off" their little ones, often allowing swimmers to approach to within only a few metres away!

 We have also lead and been active in many marine Conservation campaigns throughout our history, in the local, national and international arenas. The education of our clients about not only the creatures themselves, but their habitats, threats, research and respect are core features of all of our services.

Dive Forster at Fisherman's Wharf has been conducting SCUBA dive and adventure tours all over the planet since the late 1970's.

Our staff include vastly experienced tour guides, SCUBA diving instructors, SCUBA divemasters, expert free divers and commercial vessel masters to ensure outstanding levels of safety and enjoyment in all trips.

Travel with Confidence

As a travel agent, we are experienced and versatile. We book your flights, arrange your transfers and can organise a travel insurance quote!

When you travel in a small group there is less to worry about. Our prices include all major costs, you only budget for optional activities and personal purchases plus additional meals.


  • An experienced Quest Tours leader

  • Whale days as indicated

  • Island feast & traditional Tongan dancing

  • Transfers and accommodation

  • Airfares ex. Sydney

  • Meals (as designated)