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Curious Adult Humpback Whale with Calf below
Head on Super Close Humpback Whale Calf - Photo by Ron Hunter
Adolescent Humpback Whale showing off his Tail while we're swimming - Ron Hunter
Playful Humpback Whale showing us his tail
Relaxed, Peaceful Whale Mum - Hanging with Us for hours - Ron Hunter
Mum, Calf and Escort swim happily along with our guests - Ron Hunter
Mother Humpback Whale with a very young, pale calf swimming down to her - Ron Hunter
Playful Adolescent Humpback Whale with a Cleft Palate
Playful Whale Calf - Leighton Lum
Mum & Calf Surfacing - Leighton Lum
Swallows Cave - Leighton Lum
Playful Humpback Whale Calf
Nuku Island, Vava'u, Tonga - Leighton Lum
Mt. Talau at Sunset - Leighton Lum
Port of Refuge Harbour at Sundown - Leighton Lum
Mum gives her calf a hand to the surface - Leighton Lum
Humpback Whale Calf being playful - Leighton Lum
Tail Slap - Calf (Leighton Lum)
Nuku Island, Vava'u, Tonga - Leighton Lum
Humpback Whale, Calf and a lucky snorkeller