Let's explore The Kingdom of Tonga


An area of rich culture and history, the islands of Tonga also play host to some of the best marine life and activities in the world.

Whaledive tours always include your fair share of adventure, relaxation, fun as well as the chance to experience the Tongan culture in a wide variety of ways.

Tonga is a Polynesian kingdom of more than 170 islands, many uninhabited, most lined in white beaches and coral reefs and covered with tropical rainforest. The main island, Tongatapu, is protected by lagoons and limestone cliffs. It’s home to the laid-back, rural capital of Nuku'alofa, as well as beach resorts, plantations and the Ha'amonga trilithon, a Stonehenge-like coral gate from the 1200s.

Did you know...?

It's actually illegal for Tongans to work on Sundays - a rule that has been strictly enforced in the last few years; on this day we go to the Catholic church on the top of the hill to listen to the beautiful singing, and then we get to participate in a Traditional Tongan feast, with an umu, Kava, and a wide variety of authentically cooked local food.



Vavaʻu is the island group of one large island (’Utu Vava’u) and 40 smaller ones in Tonga. It is part of Vava’u District. According to tradition the Maui god fished up both Tongatapu and Vavaʻu but put a little more effort into the former. Vavaʻu rises 204 m above sea level at Mt. Talau. The capital is Neiafu, which is the fifth largest city in Tonga, situated at one of the best harbours of the world, the Port of Refuge (Puatalefusi or Lolo-ʻa-Halaevalu).

Other activities

Adrenalin junkies should also note that the Vava’u group is emerging as a real adventure hub. Amongst its sheltered waters and untouched islands professional operators give you the chance to let loose on self-drive jet kayaks, karts, and kite boards that deliver exciting, exhilarating and ultimately exhausting experiences.

Finally after a day of fishing, kayaking, diving or surfing, you’ll have earned some downtime in a hammock – another quintessential Tongan activity.