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Jayne worked for over ten years in the dive travel industry and has been to Tonga 3 times

Ron Hunter

Our fearless leader, he travelled to Tonga in 2002 and has been back almost every year since. He was in Vava'u for 3 weeks of the 2017 season.

Gabby Hunter

She first travelled to Tonga in 2006, and has led 6 groups over there since! 2017 saw her spend 3 weeks in Tonga Swimming with Whales

Kyrstie Christian

One of our dedicated office staff and whale enthusiast. She first travelled to Tonga in 2017 and was blown away by her Swimming with Whales experience!

Ron Hunter

Ron is our fearless leader - CEO and founder of Whaledive.net and Quest Tours. Ron established his first SCUBA Diving Centre in 1982, and form there expanded his passion for the ocean to international destinations. In 2002, he travelled to Tonga and snorkelled with his first Humpback Whale. Since then, we have escorted hundreds of happy, awestruck travellers to this island paradise to experience the joy of interacting with these incredible mammals. Ron personally has had over 200 days in the water with the whales.

Ron returned to Tonga in 2017 and recaptured his enthusiasm for Vava'u. Check out his latest images in our gallery

WARNING: These experiences are VERY ADDICTIVE!


Jayne Jenkins

Born and raised in Wales, Jayne learnt to dive in the chilly waters along the rugged Welsh coastline before moving to Australia in 1973. As an avid diver and underwater photographer, Jayne is actively involved in many facets of the diving industry and have been for over three decades. Jayne worked for over ten years specialising in dive travel which led to work as a safety diver and researcher for various underwater film, television and photographic expeditions focussing on diving in the Pacific, including the cave diving spectacular Sanctum. This has given Jayne the opportunity to travel to many exciting dive locations around the world.

Jayne’s passion and skill for underwater photography, for which she is best known has won her many awards and she remains a regular editorial contributor to Ocean Geographic Magazine.  

Jayne has been a volunteer and the Vice President of the OWUSS in Australasia (Our World Underwater Scholarship Society - a scholarship sponsored by Rolex for young underwater enthusiasts) for the past ten years an also resident photographer /consultant with The Ocean Agency, former Catlin Seaview survey. This is fast becoming a game changing creative scientific project. Using specially designed technology, the Catlin Seaview Survey recorded and revealed the world’s oceans and reefs like never before, in high-resolution, 360-degree panoramic vision. This independent, baseline, scientific study of the world’s oceans will enable the global public to see change over time and start planning for the future

To be involved in such significant work gives Jayne much pleasure and she believes combining science and creativity is key to helping protect the oceans.

Jayne feels privileged to be one of three Australian females inducted into The Woman Divers Hall of Fame and Jayne is also proud to be a Fellow International of the world famous Explorers Club.

Jayne hopes her drive and enthusiasm for the ocean has inspired countless individuals to take up diving and to appreciate and protect the oceans and loves nothing more than sharing her love of the oceans with others.    


Gabby Hunter

Gabby is a certified Rescue Diver and Commercial Vessel Master - licenced to operate a vessel up to 12 metres in length. She has grown up in the SCUBA Diving and Watersports industry, after selling her first packet of Bait prawns in the dive centre when she was 6, she then went on to learn to SCUBA Dive at 14 and has been hooked ever since.

She is a qualified Oceanic Service Technician and is an avid underwater photographer. Chances are she will capture an image of you with a Humpback Whale to keep as a cherished memory.

Gabby has led tours to Indonesia, West Papua, The Maldives, France, Italy and, of course, Tonga. She will take three tours to Swim with the Humpback Whales of Vava'u in 2018.